Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's A Ponyo Party

Since about mid May this year, I'v been working like a busy bee looking for inspiration for my daughters' 4th birthday bash. Her theme? Ponyo! Ponyo is a Hayao Miyazaki film from Japan and have partnered with Disney to bring this wonderful film to the United States. Well, I assumed she would be asking for a Dora the Explorer party so she caught me off guard with the Ponyo theme. But Super Mom rose to the challenge and I have been busy drawing, painting, sewing, & basically doing all I can to make this the most awesomest party I can. We placed a deposit at the San Antonio Childrens Museum in the under the sea themed party room to go along with the Ponyo theme. I bought some posterboard at Dollar Tree & drew Ponyo. Add paint and voila!. Ponyo came to life..well not literally. Lol. But she did look mega awesome. I decided to mount her onto foam board and display her on the main table where the food will be. Ah but then I thought "Well, it would look pretty weird if its just Ponyo on the one side of the table." So I painted the little castle where Ponyo's sisters live. Fairly easy & I will be mounting that onto foam board as well. Then I purchsed more posterboard at Dollar Tree. Green this time and I decided I won't be using ordinary envelopes to mail the invites..I'm going to cut out buckets & put the inside. So I used my trusty ruler and cut out buckets big enough to accomodate the 4x6 invitation. Glued both pieces together to make a small pocket. Yay! Unique envelopes! :) I haven't even started about the invitations I found on They are by daddyinvites. It's just the file but he customizes it and adds all the party details. Then you just print them out at your local Walgreens. I ordered Them online and had them mailed since I didn't want them glossy like pictures but matte. :) I googled Ponyo birthday party and came across and she made felt Ponyo puppets for her daughters' party. I did just that. I purchased felt from Walmart and the colors that they didn't carry, I ordered on etsy. I handsewed each and every Ponyo as I do not own my own sewing machine which was sooo time consuming but all worth it for my Selena. I used hot glue instead of fabric glue for a stronger hold and to be a little different, I've decided to make 10 of them puppets and 10 of them stuffed Ponyos. I purchased the green buckets at Party City for 99¢ each so I got 20. Only instead of the blue easter grass she used, I used blue paper shreds. Something else I have done is buy a basket of seashells that I found at Dollar Tree. I used the nicer whiter seashells and brushed glue onto them and sprinkled them with extra fine glitter. The bottom shells were actually almost black so I used a couple of coats of white acylic paint. I let those dry overnight and the next day I handpainted Ponyo on each of them. They turned out fantastic! But it still wasn't enough for me. I painted Sosuke's house on the cliff by the sea as well. Now that was Wow factor. For now I shall end this post but this magical journey is far from over. Until next time friends! :)

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