Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's A Ponyo Party 2

Hello friends! Welcome back! Last time we left off on the handpainted seashells. Well today we will be talking about one amazing find I came across at Michaels. I went into Michaels to purchase some canvas to paint my neice something she could hang in her room. So while I was in there, I decided to maybe buy wooden letters to spell out "Ahoy". Well each unfinished letter was about $2.50+tax. So it would cost me about $10 to spell out the word. Well, I wasn't having it so I put the letters back and was on my way out till I spotted a $1 bin that had nautical items on clearance. I found some ribbon that had a rope image on it & there I saw it...the word ahoy painted blue with a little clip on top to where you could place a photo or placecard. I immediately grabbed 3 & I said to myself..."I'm so lucky!" ;) I knew just what these holders would be holding. I had a spare piece of white cardboard so I cut out 4x4 notecards. I used my ruler to draw straight lines about halfway down the card and then diagonal lines to mimic Ponyo's dad, Fujimoto's coat. I used white & blue acrylic paint and the fine tip permanent marker to accentuate the lines. These would be the food cards which I would place in front of the serving dishes. For the red scarf on Fujimoto's coat, I folded pieces of red streamer and shaped it into a tie like shape then hot glued it onto the card. I wrote down things like "Sea Water" for the blue punch I had decided to serve with my fine tip Sharpie. They really came out nice. :) Wow talk about a lot of detail for a 1 1/2 hour party room experience.
After wondering what to make..wether a cake or cupcakes, I decided on both. I had purchased some plastic containers that were shaped like mini bundt cakes from fhe designs on I only bought 10 at the time but I do plan on buying more so everyone has a cupcake. To add aome pizzazz to the plain containers. I simply added some blue paper streamers I had lying around and cut some pieces into strips to mimic "tentacles" & then crumpled a strip of streamer and added a few glue dots and shaped it into a flower like shape then added a small streamer circle to the top. I added silver glitter glue to the streamer and it looked amazing. Just like the jellyfish that Ponyo falls asleep on in the beginning of the movie. So Jellyfish cupcakes were born. Yay!
Now I know I don't take breaks to say that all these events don't happen on the same day...and they don't. Right about now I think we're about in the middle of July. Lol. But yeah continuing on, I've never been a fan of ebay. Frankly, I was afraid of it..afraid of getting scammed. But I ventured onto the site after I saw the Ponyo 7 pc. set for 4.00. So I set up an account and placed a $4 bid and left it like that. I didn't think I would win but a few days later I recieved an email saying I won. Yay! how much is shipping? Well I expected like a $10 shipping fee but it was about $4. I was so happy. I got this set for about $8 & it was regularly priced $37+shipping. It is perfect for her cake. As soon as we got them in the mail, Selena wanted to play with them but I told her they were for her birthday cake. She agreed and we put them away for her party.Well this post must come to an end. Adios amigos. Until next time..with more Ponyo ideas! :)

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