Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Ponyo Birthday Party Pics :)

Ponyo Birthday Party!

Well peeps everything came out fantastic! The party was such a success! It was on September 17th so I am clearly wayyy overdue on this post but mommy duties have a neverending calling. Heehee. Well pets mother in law made all the food, she truly is amazing! :D And we all packed up and arrived at the San Antonio Children's Museum at the exact time the party was supposed to start..and it starts raining -_-. Good thing it was just a quick shower. Once in the Under the Sea room, I quickly start decorating the tables and gift table. I set up the big foam boards with Ponyo & the sea castle at the gift table. On the kids table I set a Ponyo bucket at each table setting. Then placed the Ponyo seashells at the tables along with more glittered shells. We served everyone and everyone ate. Yum. It was sooo great. I only have a few pics on my phone so they can't sum up the whole party but soon I will try to put up all the party pics. She loved it and 5 months of planning were more than worth it! :D