Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Ponyo Birthday Party Pics :)

Ponyo Birthday Party!

Well peeps everything came out fantastic! The party was such a success! It was on September 17th so I am clearly wayyy overdue on this post but mommy duties have a neverending calling. Heehee. Well pets mother in law made all the food, she truly is amazing! :D And we all packed up and arrived at the San Antonio Children's Museum at the exact time the party was supposed to start..and it starts raining -_-. Good thing it was just a quick shower. Once in the Under the Sea room, I quickly start decorating the tables and gift table. I set up the big foam boards with Ponyo & the sea castle at the gift table. On the kids table I set a Ponyo bucket at each table setting. Then placed the Ponyo seashells at the tables along with more glittered shells. We served everyone and everyone ate. Yum. It was sooo great. I only have a few pics on my phone so they can't sum up the whole party but soon I will try to put up all the party pics. She loved it and 5 months of planning were more than worth it! :D

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ponyo Party Pictures

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These are the paintings that will be displayed on the main table. Ponyo and the little castle where her sisters live. My husband helped me with the spray painting. He is awesome ;) They came out great! :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New ideas for Seli's Ponyo party

So it's been a while since my last post, I have had a totally new idea for the jellyfish cupcakes from the previous post. Since I ordered extra invitations (more like a lot) ;) I cut out the Ponyo image on the extra ones handcut starburst pattern. These will be hot glued onto the top of the "jellyfish" container. Yay Ponyo on top of the jellyfish. Pics to come as right now my supplies are outside due to remodeling. -_- Yea I know..I miss my supplies. For food, I was stumped until my sisterin law said how about a ham? (Duh! Why didn't I think of that?!) Like a thanksgiving ham & macaroni & mashed potatoes. Yum! Thats kid friendly right? Everyone likes ham. And it fits the Ponyo theme! Ponyo wants ham! :D Yay. Well thats settled. And today my Selena has decided she wants a big cupcake cake. I had bought the Wilton giant cupcake pan earlier this year for my other daughters' party so I am sure glad I bought it. I plan on making the 'banilla' (her words) ;) cupcake and ice it blue to make it look like waves then add the Ponyo figurines and her #4. :) My mother in law is a great seamstress so she kindly agreed to make Selena her Ponyo dress for her big day (which will double for halloween costume as well) Yay! :) I just need to buy the white fabric for the bloomers. To make the bloomers look extra fluffy without it weighing her down, I'm simply going to add pillow fiber for the full effect. Debating on wether to spray her hair orange with washable hair paint or not. She has beautiful hair and I'd hate to ruin it. :/ Undecided on that.
Anyway, the only things really left on my list are the food and drinks which I will buy that week of the party. Oh and candy. Yup. I am so excited and can't wait to post more pics. I do this from my mobile phone ao its not exactly as fancy as other blogs but I hope to have hubby buy me a laptop soon. ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's A Ponyo Party 2

Hello friends! Welcome back! Last time we left off on the handpainted seashells. Well today we will be talking about one amazing find I came across at Michaels. I went into Michaels to purchase some canvas to paint my neice something she could hang in her room. So while I was in there, I decided to maybe buy wooden letters to spell out "Ahoy". Well each unfinished letter was about $2.50+tax. So it would cost me about $10 to spell out the word. Well, I wasn't having it so I put the letters back and was on my way out till I spotted a $1 bin that had nautical items on clearance. I found some ribbon that had a rope image on it & there I saw it...the word ahoy painted blue with a little clip on top to where you could place a photo or placecard. I immediately grabbed 3 & I said to myself..."I'm so lucky!" ;) I knew just what these holders would be holding. I had a spare piece of white cardboard so I cut out 4x4 notecards. I used my ruler to draw straight lines about halfway down the card and then diagonal lines to mimic Ponyo's dad, Fujimoto's coat. I used white & blue acrylic paint and the fine tip permanent marker to accentuate the lines. These would be the food cards which I would place in front of the serving dishes. For the red scarf on Fujimoto's coat, I folded pieces of red streamer and shaped it into a tie like shape then hot glued it onto the card. I wrote down things like "Sea Water" for the blue punch I had decided to serve with my fine tip Sharpie. They really came out nice. :) Wow talk about a lot of detail for a 1 1/2 hour party room experience.
After wondering what to make..wether a cake or cupcakes, I decided on both. I had purchased some plastic containers that were shaped like mini bundt cakes from fhe designs on I only bought 10 at the time but I do plan on buying more so everyone has a cupcake. To add aome pizzazz to the plain containers. I simply added some blue paper streamers I had lying around and cut some pieces into strips to mimic "tentacles" & then crumpled a strip of streamer and added a few glue dots and shaped it into a flower like shape then added a small streamer circle to the top. I added silver glitter glue to the streamer and it looked amazing. Just like the jellyfish that Ponyo falls asleep on in the beginning of the movie. So Jellyfish cupcakes were born. Yay!
Now I know I don't take breaks to say that all these events don't happen on the same day...and they don't. Right about now I think we're about in the middle of July. Lol. But yeah continuing on, I've never been a fan of ebay. Frankly, I was afraid of it..afraid of getting scammed. But I ventured onto the site after I saw the Ponyo 7 pc. set for 4.00. So I set up an account and placed a $4 bid and left it like that. I didn't think I would win but a few days later I recieved an email saying I won. Yay! how much is shipping? Well I expected like a $10 shipping fee but it was about $4. I was so happy. I got this set for about $8 & it was regularly priced $37+shipping. It is perfect for her cake. As soon as we got them in the mail, Selena wanted to play with them but I told her they were for her birthday cake. She agreed and we put them away for her party.Well this post must come to an end. Adios amigos. Until next time..with more Ponyo ideas! :)

It's A Ponyo Party

Since about mid May this year, I'v been working like a busy bee looking for inspiration for my daughters' 4th birthday bash. Her theme? Ponyo! Ponyo is a Hayao Miyazaki film from Japan and have partnered with Disney to bring this wonderful film to the United States. Well, I assumed she would be asking for a Dora the Explorer party so she caught me off guard with the Ponyo theme. But Super Mom rose to the challenge and I have been busy drawing, painting, sewing, & basically doing all I can to make this the most awesomest party I can. We placed a deposit at the San Antonio Childrens Museum in the under the sea themed party room to go along with the Ponyo theme. I bought some posterboard at Dollar Tree & drew Ponyo. Add paint and voila!. Ponyo came to life..well not literally. Lol. But she did look mega awesome. I decided to mount her onto foam board and display her on the main table where the food will be. Ah but then I thought "Well, it would look pretty weird if its just Ponyo on the one side of the table." So I painted the little castle where Ponyo's sisters live. Fairly easy & I will be mounting that onto foam board as well. Then I purchsed more posterboard at Dollar Tree. Green this time and I decided I won't be using ordinary envelopes to mail the invites..I'm going to cut out buckets & put the inside. So I used my trusty ruler and cut out buckets big enough to accomodate the 4x6 invitation. Glued both pieces together to make a small pocket. Yay! Unique envelopes! :) I haven't even started about the invitations I found on They are by daddyinvites. It's just the file but he customizes it and adds all the party details. Then you just print them out at your local Walgreens. I ordered Them online and had them mailed since I didn't want them glossy like pictures but matte. :) I googled Ponyo birthday party and came across and she made felt Ponyo puppets for her daughters' party. I did just that. I purchased felt from Walmart and the colors that they didn't carry, I ordered on etsy. I handsewed each and every Ponyo as I do not own my own sewing machine which was sooo time consuming but all worth it for my Selena. I used hot glue instead of fabric glue for a stronger hold and to be a little different, I've decided to make 10 of them puppets and 10 of them stuffed Ponyos. I purchased the green buckets at Party City for 99¢ each so I got 20. Only instead of the blue easter grass she used, I used blue paper shreds. Something else I have done is buy a basket of seashells that I found at Dollar Tree. I used the nicer whiter seashells and brushed glue onto them and sprinkled them with extra fine glitter. The bottom shells were actually almost black so I used a couple of coats of white acylic paint. I let those dry overnight and the next day I handpainted Ponyo on each of them. They turned out fantastic! But it still wasn't enough for me. I painted Sosuke's house on the cliff by the sea as well. Now that was Wow factor. For now I shall end this post but this magical journey is far from over. Until next time friends! :)